Oil Water Seperator

The OS Series steel Coalescing Oil Water Separators are designed for applications where a high performance coalescing oil water separator design is desired using coalescing media. The industrial duty OS design has many features such as solids V-hopper, adjustable water weir, integral inlet diffuser, A-36 carbon steel or stainless steel construction and many options to provide engineers, system integrators and end users with convenience and flexibility in oil separator system configuration choices.

Customization & modifications to fit your project needs are offered. Typical performance is 10 ppm or less, 30 micron oil droplet.

Products removed: motor oils, fuels (vehicle/jet), fuel oils, hydraulic fluids, immiscible machining oils, lube oil, transmission fluid, bunker c, DNAPL, LNAPL, vegetable based oils, crude, air compressor lube & other hydrocarbon based derivatives (BTEX etc.). Model sizing is based on the oil/fuel specific gravity, droplet size removal desired and other parameters of the waste stream