Softener Plants

We are offering highly durable Water Softening Plant that is used for removing hard salts and providing suitable water. The water gets hard when it contains more of calcium and magnesium ions. Softening is the ion exchange process, which is done through resin, is preferred over others plant as it is one of the best possible method for removing from water. Here, undesirable ions are exchanged for ions that are more required. The process comprises of passing the unrefined water containing hardness through a bed of cation resin in sodium form. The hardness ions Ca & Mg are then up by resin and in exchange, the sodium ions are turned down from the resin. This is the service cycle, where the hard water is being softened in this plant.

Specifications :
1. Capacity (m3/hr) : 1000

2. Material : Alloy Steel

3. Working pressure : 0.15-0.5 Mpa